Descendant of Thieves

Descendant of Thieves - student project


Descendant of Thieves is a NYC based indie menswear brand founded in 2009.

The designer 'Dres' agreed to launch the brand but only with the firm condition that his real name and identity remain hidden. 

Dres' interest in design can be traced back to his childhood when he would steal clothing from his father’s closet. He would de-seam and reengineer the entire garment to create a look that was unlike any others. He experimented with what they call, “quiet” details, including discreet pockets, hidden messages and elastic top button tabs, which have become embedded in the signature of the brand’s design. When Dres’ father discovered his son’s mischief he lashed out, calling him Ladro -thief in Italian. The vilified nickname stuck and today his creative process descends from these younger years. Dres still designs, constructs, and wears only his own clothing, as to never shadow anyone else’s style.

According to the website, DoT is unique from other menswear brands in the following ways:

• "Fresh Fridays"

Every Friday at 12:00 (est) we release new product. Join the mailing list to stay up on all the latest. And that's that.


• Limited Batch Manufacturing

We partnered with a boutique factory and workshop that allows us to produce smaller quantities, better quality control, and shorter lead times. Each garment lists the number of units made per style and the items born date. We've been called the "craft beer of the fashion industry". We’re different, so you can wear different.


• Designed from the Inside-Out

Our design philosophy is that of reverse engineering—creating from the inside out, paying relentless attention to intricacies of the interior first. This led to our trademark ‘Quiet Details including blazing yellow finished interiors, concealed pockets, and hidden messaging. These unexpected elements of surprise are the reason why things are not always as they seam. "It's an inside job."





Based on the story of the brand, I pulled together some relevant reference images.


Descendant of Thieves - image 1 - student project





The essence of this brand is that it is manly, crafty and discrete. There are a lot of different themes I can run with... I would like to integrate some really cool symbols and motifs, but I don't want to be too visually illustrious because that would ruin the spirit of the brand. I am interested in making a monogram for this project because they don't currently have such a symbol (at least not to my knowledge). Work in progress sketches are below. I have variations for a 1) script feel and 2) simple feel, and have 'annotated' the marks I like the most.


"Script" feel

Descendant of Thieves - image 2 - student project


Descendant of Thieves - image 3 - student project

Descendant of Thieves - image 4 - student project


"Simple" feel

 Descendant of Thieves - image 5 - student project


Mackey, I would love to get your general feedback on these initial concepts, as well as which style you feel most appropriate to you given the company background.






Descendant of Thieves - image 6 - student project

Descendant of Thieves - image 7 - student projectDescendant of Thieves - image 8 - student project


Descendant of Thieves - image 9 - student project


Descendant of Thieves - image 10 - student project


Descendant of Thieves - image 11 - student project