Des Cormiers Family Crest

Des Cormiers Family Crest - student project

Hi everyone!

So I started the project because of Aaron's enthusiasm, and great teaching skills. Since my family has nothing close to a family crest, I thought my dad and brother might be happy to have one, they might not wear it on a t-shirt but I was more aiming for a smile more than anything else. 

I started sketching, I have to admit that this part of the project took me some time. In the end, I settled for four symbols: a tree (a 'cormier' is a tree), the olympic stadium and mont-royal (montreal trademarks), a RV (my parents had us travel everywhere in a RV when we were young), and tools (my dad used to be a handy man). 

Des Cormiers Family Crest - image 1 - student project

I took it to Illustrator and stayed in grayscale. I tried to use the laurels but felt it didn't work with my family for some reason, seemed a bit too fancy. I kept trying things. 

Des Cormiers Family Crest - image 2 - student project

In the end, I decided to keep only the outlines of the objects I had illustrated and went for a vibrant colour. I wanted it to be a modern family crest. 

Des Cormiers Family Crest - image 3 - student project

Des Cormiers Family Crest - image 4 - student project

Quite happy with the results and, more importantly, I loved the process. 

Thank you for a great class Aaron!