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Depok, Indonesia

Hello There!

So this course is about travel photography. To travel far away from my howetown is out of my reach nowdays because of my daily work and someone told me that to travel is to experience something new and there is so much things that you can try 20 km from your doorstep. So I pick small college town about 1 hour trip from Jakarta, Indonesia (my hometown). The town is Depok, there is a big university called Univeristy of Indonesia. So I took all my picture there.

Gear & Edit:

I took all my picture with my android phone. I think its decent enough. And sometimes I use my gorilla pod to help me took the picture.

To edit the picture I only use Snapseed and VSCOCam on my android phone.

So this is it:


I took this from a bridge. Its nice because there is a train track under the bridge. So waited the train to passed by and took it.


Off The Beaten Path

I think this buses wreck really get what I think 'off the beaten path' is.


Middle of the Road

I went around this town with a bike. I think its a good idea to took a picture with a bike perspective.


Signs of Life

So when I go around I get this very interesting activitiy. A local guy took some ants from a tree to feed his fishes.



I took this picture of University of Indonesia Library accross the lake.


So overall I really enjoy this project.

And sorry for my grammar mistake and feel free to correct me.



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