She came, i don’t know how nor why, she’s probably feeling a bit anxious and worried, and i would be too. I see her standing at the end of the hall, lifting her head and scanning the room, looking for me. I made my way towards her. My legs began to wobble, palms sweating, the beating of my heart increasing like the crime rate. So much was going through my mind as i made my way closer to her. what will i say?, how will i phrase it?, how will she react, all these questions flooded my mind like a tsunami making its way inland. I slowly made my way through the dance floor filled with people, the lights were now dim with lo fi jazz music making the place feel retro, its like back to the future, before Marty interrupted the dance floor.


And there she is, Cecelia, our eyes finally meeting. Her face, still the same after all these years, so reminiscent of the first time we met down at the lake, clear sky and still water, with the full moon reflecting from the lake like a mirror, I also saw myself in the reflecting, mimicking my every movement.


“Cecelia” I softly said “Francis” She replied back. We both stood there, gazing at each other. I was so glad to see her again, even if its the last time, i’m grateful for the opportunity to see her one last time.


i was the first to break the silence. “It's been so long, how are you doing” Probably the most generic line to say but it's all i came up with. “ You should know me by now Francis, still staying with my grandma, looking after her grandkids, gives me something to at least. Makes me feel like a mother if i think about it.”

Moments later, Cecelia reaches for the pockets in her jacket, taking out an envelope that has been carefully torn and opened. Tears begin forming in her eyes, they started dripping down her face like wax from a well lit candle. “Francis, I’ve done it, I’m going to Australia I……” She paused.  “you made it.” I responded. I could see it on her face, the excitement, joy of finally leaving the system for good, getting out of this trap the government set for us before we are even born. The freedom that she always dreamed about since her childhood. If only I had my chance, i could be joining her.

She looks to her envelop, then back to me “Yes, yes i have.”