Denver! | Skillshare Projects

Brandi Galuzzi

designer + illustrator




And here is my final!


I revised my color palette one more time and added some texture in Ilustrator. Now I will move it over into Photoshop.

I like the play on orange and blue since I LOVE the Broncos...


Ok, I've moved on to the vector stage. I just decided to stop dragging my feet and go for my first sketch. Here is my digital version with no strokes or textures yet added. I'm not 100% set on color scheme, but here are two thoughts:

I'd love any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!


I'm going to do my very own D-Town illustration.

I'm super excited to get into this project. I've been thinking about it for a while and finally started some sketching today. There is so much I love about this city that I'm struggling to keep it from getting overly complicated.

This is one comp from today, but I might explore some other options before I move into vectors. 

Or what about something set up more like a full scenery? 

For whatever reason, I'm struggling to decide on the layout I should use for my project. I'd love any thoughts/feedback.



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