Denver Public Art

Denver Public Art - student project

One of the many open data sources available from the Denver government is a list of all public art pieces in the city. My app will:

1. Show all art pieces on a map.

2. Show a filterable list of all pieces. Pieces can be filtered by neighborhood, type of work (sculpture, mural, etc.), age, and other metrics that might be useful that are available from the data source. Each item in the list view has a thumbnail and the work's title and location.

3. Each piece has a detail view with a photo of the artwork along with its specs - artist, commission date, human-readable location (so not lat and long), etc.

4. Users can leave notes on each piece's detail page and add their own photos.

5. Users can also create "art tours" of their favorite or notable pieces around town and publish them so other users can follow the tour themselves.

6. "Share" functionality allows users to share a piece on Twitter or Facebook, or use Foursquare to check in at an art piece.