Denver Beer Hop

Denver Beer Hop - student project


I'm obsessed with beer. And coming from Denver, we have got quite a bit. I want to make an adorable map to show where breweries are in proximity of others. I was home for 2 weeks over winter and didn't even have time to go to all of them, but this could be a good starter for my to-do list when I'm next home. I think Denver is an interesting city from the way it's layed out (the diagonal part of the city is so awkward, but fits ever so nicely with the straight graph parts) to the culture that it has and is continuously building. Making a map of my hometown in general will make me so happy.

It's a simple idea, but I've been dying to do this. Hopefully someday I can make a comparaison one with Paris when the beer scene gets bigger here. *Fingers crossed*

I like the content on sites like this, but where is a simple and aesthetic map when you need one?


Denver Beer Hop - image 1 - student project

Denver Beer Hop - image 2 - student project

Denver Beer Hop - image 3 - student project

As for PRINTED MAPS that I like, these sure are lovely.


WHY AM I TAKING THIS MAPS COURSE? For fun. What a great excuse to get my creative bug going.

WHY AM I THE EXPERT TO CREATE THIS MAP? Because beer is one of my favorite things about Denver. Is that sad? :)

WHO IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE? All beer lovers in the Rockies and elsewhere.

DO I WANT MY FINAL PROJECT TO BE PRINTED OR DIGITAL? HOW IS IT GOING TO BE USED/HELD? WHAT OTHER CONSTRAINTS DO I NEED TO KEEP IN MIND MOVING FORWARD? I'd like it to be digital, but hey, maybe I'll have to get a print for my wall of frames! I would like it to be a visual for a bigger post on my blog.

WHAT LEVEL OF DETAIL DO I NEED TO INCLUDE? Definitely street names and maybe even specifics on the number of beers in each brewery. All things pretty along with it.

DEAR CLASS, I NEED YOUR HELP/EXPERTISE/GUIDANCE ON whether or not this may be something that would please your eye! I'm sure I'll come across some things I need advice on.


Meg Gagnard

Digital Project Manager