Jessie Fisher

Illustrator and Stationer



Dennis the pittie

Sir Dennis Fisher doesn't sit well for portraits, but I had a lot of fun drawing him nonetheless. He also refuses to "smile" for the camera, so I had to bribe him with treats to get him to sit with a big ol' grin so that I could do some live sketching.  Here's Dennis:


Here's my sketch (attempting to capture my favorite position of his):


I did some basic color blocking next. I threw in a quick background so that I could see his white paws and tail:


And then I added in some of the details. I found it a bit hard on a black dog to get all the detail in I would have liked. I dropped the black to a dark grey, and that helped some. Still, I wish there was a bit more here:


And then I decided that since the holidays are coming it would be appropriate to get Dennis in the holiday spirit! 


I couldn't decide if the red was too much, so I did a subtler version as well:


This may just end up on our holiday cards, so I'd love any feedback or suggestions on how to improve. Thanks!


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