Denise's Earthy Triad

Denise's Earthy Triad - student project

Here is my Class Project exploring a earthy primary triad using Quinacridone Gold (PO 49), Permanent Brown (PBr25), and Anthraquinone Blue (PB60). / Reflection: I'm happy with the overall tones and more specifically the range of greens. However, I could have differentiated the orange values a bit more and the bluest violet shade could have been more pigmented. This triad would be great for wildlife and landscape painters due to its more muted, earthy nature. 

Attached below are also my Mini Projects for the "Mixing Secondary Colors" triads and the "Split Primary Color Wheel." / Reflection: I created both a cool primary wheel and a warm primary wheel for my secondary colors, but the one combining colors from each triad is my favorite (warm yellow, cool red, and cool blue). It makes a lovely set of jewel tones! For the split primary wheel, most of the oranges were suitably vibrant, with the cool yellow and cool red making a tone that would be good when diluted as a Caucasian skin tone. The purples although differing from each other remain saturated as long as a cool red is used. Using a warm red with a cool blue makes a nearly black tone.

Denise's Earthy Triad - image 1 - student project

Denise's Earthy Triad - image 2 - student project

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