Demosthenes - student project

Demosthenes - one of the greatest orators in ancient Athens.

He was born with a nearly debilitating speech impediment. Orphaned at the age of seven. His guardians stole his inheritance from him. Did he give up? No, instead he locked himself in an underground study, shaved half of his head to make sure he wouldn’t indulge in outside distractions, educated himself and practiced public speaking with pebbles in his mouth. Until one day he was able to fight his evil guardians in a court and WIN!

What can we learn from Demosthenes?

  1. No matter how disadvantaged your situation my be with patience and persistence you can improve it!
  2. Shave your head so you don’t get tempted to go outside (because #socialdistancing)

Demosthenes - image 1 - student project

Demosthenes - image 2 - student project