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Demon Head Hunter

So lets get this ball rolling, silhouettes have always confussed me and I have never touch on them but thats why Im taking the class, to change that. 

So choosing a theme I thought of things that intrested me those being action movies, Darren shan and grimy modern worlds in movies/games and bounty hunters, so DEMON HEAD HUNTERS was my only option p.s. Im terriable at naming stuff.

So thumbnails, so yeah I used a square brush with an opacity jitter. The brief I gave my self was they had to have a wepon (this could be a anything) and  had to have armour of some sort, and the rest open.

With the thumbnails I felt like I kept thinking about them to much, and letting myself have alot of freedom, but thats what I feel. The ones I like are 5,8,10,11 gonna clean them up a bit then choose.


Ok, so at first I picked 4 I was cleaning them up and I stated to see that one of them was not so intresting so I decied to go back on that one and choose a different thumbnail and here are the results.

So they are next step refineing more and then the doing the next stage in the project. This is different for me as im a line guy and not really a form kinda man you know, so learning alot already both technique and development.


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