Democratizing nightlife

A 3-5 sentence description of the business or brand you’re marketing:

Nightly is a nightlife search and discovery engine that matches users with nightlife venues and events based on their interests, preferences, and personality. It provides the best answer to the question: “Where should I go tonight?” With a comprehensive and constantly updated database, Nightly helps users find the perfect experience, whether they’re looking for good wine, loud music, board games, or a late-night snack. It’s also a great platform for venue owners, event promoters, and artists looking to target a specific audience.

Your answers to the 11 questions outlined in Unit 2 to provide clarity on your role (and power) as marketer:

What is marketing for? With Nightly’s marketing, we want to raise awareness among nightlife tastemakers and business owners, become authorities on our subject, create an emotional connection with our audience, convey a “smart creative” attitude similar to Google’s, and provide content that adds value for all of our users, and, ultimately, makes their lives easier.

What are we allowed to touch? Everything is subject to change as long as it doesn’t hinder Nightly’s usefulness and simplicity to the user.

What can we measure? We need to measure traffic, page views per visit, bounce rate, social media shares/likes/favourites, what people are searching for on Nightly based on our marketing efforts, if we are directing traffic where we need to.

What can we change? We’re trying to change people’s nightlife habits. When they decide to go out, the idea should be planted that instead of checking Google when in need of a place to go, I’m going to go right to Nightly, using Nightly’s clickable tags rather than Google’s text-only search. It’s more simple, more effective, more focused. Why wouldn’t I use it?

What promise are we going to make? For users, we’ll help you find a venue or event that’s closer to what you’re looking for than any other resource, and we’ll provide more useful information on each venue than any other resource. For business owners, we’ll connect you to the specific audience you’re targeting, and that audience will be using Nightly with an intent to consume.

What is the hard part? Lots of competition for users’ attention, and for customers’ marketing dollars. Need to distinguish ourselves by showing our core group we’re the best at what we do: Giving the user what they want.

Should we make trends or follow them? We’re following the trend of discovery/search engines, but applying it more to the physical world (instead of music, news).

Where is the risk? The biggest risk is we won’t follow through on our promise, and potentially make things worse for people by sending them to the absolute wrong venue.

Who is in charge? The three founders.

What is the money for? Good design, some advertising, interesting venue promotions (ex. Giving bars coasters, mugs and pitches, and games bars shuffleboard plates, bowling balls, decks of cards)

What is the most important way to spend my time? Coming up with great content and finding new ways to learn about our audience.

The 3 Ps you'll prioritize to be the backbone of your marketing plan, and why. All of them are important, but which three will you obsess over? For example, if you choose Pavlov, explain why your emphasis on aligning with existing consumer emotions is worth your focus and how it will lead to the breakthrough you seek:

  • Pavlov - Our goal with Nightly is to change the behaviour, and more specifically the decision-making process, for someone trying to figure out where to go on a given night. We’ve found the current process is rife with anxiety -- anxiety about the number of resources (ex. BlogTO, Toronto Life, Dine.to, Venue), anxiety about number of venues and events, anxiety about picking one you won’t like or your friends won’t like, anxiety about looking cool -- and we believe we have the cure. Nightly has a super simple interface, is pleasingly tactile, and, most importantly, we only do nightlife. That’s our thing!
  • People like us - Some people take pride in knowing the right places, in knowing the latest nightlife resources. Picking the right place is an artform for them. They take nights out seriously, but also want to enjoy themselves. We know these people because we are these people. That’s why Nightly was born.
  • Personalization - The more you use Nightly, the more we learn about you, the more likely it is we’ll find exactly what you want, show you ads that are relevant to you, and continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Getting to know Nightly will make your life better. Period.

The top concepts you'll use to generate Emotion, cause Change, earn the privilege to Alert and encourage people to Share—taken from the 50+ action theory concepts we've covered.

Experience (simple, effective UX), weird (interesting tactics like buying ping pong rackets or decks of cards at board game shops), worldview (connecting with people who are curious and love going out), persona (connecting with “smart creative” who are tastemakers), design (a design that shows simplicity and warmth, no pretension), network effect (the more people use Nightly, the better results will be for everyone else), copywriting (I have been a writer for 5+ years, and think carefully about crafting copy that connects with our audience), closing the sale (search is so easy and fun to use that it’s ok if you select the wrong things at first, just wipe it out and start fresh), trust (we’ll gain trust through giving users excellent results), subscriptions (business owners can subscribe to our data newsletter containing information about who comes to their bar), email marketing (we’ll send users emails about new venues and events, promotions, and follow-ups on their nightlife experience), schedule (we understand regular content is a priority, so we’ll put together a biweekly schedule), referrals (people will tell friends about Nightly because it makes them look smart, “in the know”), sneezers (we’re trying to target tastemakers that will spread Nightly to their social groups), persistence (the goal is to be around long-term, replacing other nightlife sites. What do you need them for?), word of mouth (if someone is with their friends looking for a place to go, they’ll mention Nightly, even if they haven’t used it “hey there’s this app called Nightly, have you tried it?”)


A 2-3 sentence articulation of your marketing point of view. Include what you stand for and what you're trying to accomplish. (And what you don’t and won’t do).

The key is providing value. Our goal in business and marketing is to educate people on new event and venues, and help them find the perfect one for them.


The story you'll use to seduce your tribe and start your movement. Your story can be written, visual or both - whatever you think will be the most effective way of communicating to your fellow students what you’ve got in mind.

Nightly is the democratization of nightlife. We’re restoring power to the curious and creative people who know what they want more than any critic or bar/restaurant “expert.” We’re giving them the tools to find their perfect nightlife experience, but we’re also removing the anxiety that comes from nearly infinite choices.


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