Dementors in the Night Sky

So firstly I'd just like to say I'm new to digital painting, I've honed my skills in photography and retouching so I feel this is my first time creating an image purely just using hand painting and digitally painting with no help from photography. The tutorial was unbelievably helpful and gave me the knowledge and skills to take my ideas to the next level.

Ok so the image, basically I wrote down loads of random words. A list of adjectives, objects and locations and picked two at random. The two I brainstormed were 'soft parrot' and 'angelic bus stop'.


So somehow got this image of these angel floating in a pastel coloured sky in the clouds and a man looking up at it. When I went to paint the angels with black ink I realised they were looking more sinister then intended and like Dementors from Harry Potter and that's when I changed it. 
Below you can see the scanned paint sketches that I used in the final picture.


I used adobe's wet media brushes set to fill some spaces and erase edges. For the colours I used Adobe Colour Themes to plan the colour pallet, if you want to look up the one I made I named it 'Haunted Night'. 

As I'm new at digital painting I welcome any constructive criticism and tips on how to improve it or my skills. 

And here is the final result:




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