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Christina Lembo

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Delving into typography

Hi! I'm an aspiring designer with a background in writing. I've always been drawn to design, and my job the past 3 years has led me more into designing emails, advertisements, and brochures. I opened an Etsy shop with some original designs last September and since then, have been bitten by the creative bug, and find myself entering this new part of my life where I just love art, type design, hand lettering, and the like. In the past, I've loved artistic endeavors I've taken on, so it's no surprise it's taking me by storm this time around.

Anyway, I'm loving this class as a way to get me thinking more about creating type. I'm obsessed with typography and always notice great logos, signage, etc. and I find myself improving the more I actually do myself. 

I've been working on the exercises over the past few days, so here goes.

1. 10 words, 10 typefaces

I decided to go to MyFont and Veer for this one, rather than my own library, simply because I love finding new fonts. I did use a couple that I already had in mind, though (i.e., Helvetica and Bodoni).

2. Practice kerning

I chose Modern No. 20 as my font, and while the kerning is quite good already, I did make a few adjustments, particularly on the "ph." The kerning game was super fun, too!

3. Analyzing branding

I actually took quite a few photos around the house, and here are a few of my favorites in terms of branding.

Here's the one I love though, that I chose to analyze. I pass by this sign every day on the way to work and I just love it. Sorry it's a bit blurry!

It's a furniture shop. First, the simple, modern sans-serif font conveys a minimal aesthetic, which fits in with Scandanavian design and particularly furniture design. The S and D combining for the logo are so clever. They're rounded and retro, which is what I think of when I think of Scandanavian design, and they fit into one another like seating. The resulting silhouette is a line you'd see on a high-end store like this. This sign definitely is more sophisticated than, say, the IKEA sign, which is more fun, so it tells me that I'm in for some serious furniture, and it definitely shows me what kind of aesthetic I'm going to get if I head inside.

4. Copy

I love copying type, so this was super fun. That first photo above I just did by eye. Then, because I'm anal, I did another by tracing, just to get my hand used to working on type.

5. Create your own initials

I really love the initials created by paper, whether torn, cut, or even torn into the sheet. I went with a take on this, and initially tore off scraps to arrange in my initials, but then decided to wad them up and see what happened. I like how they look almost like discarded rose buds. And I love literature, writing, and paper in general, so I love the type showing through.


Here's my first stab at the typographic quote. This is from Bruce Springsteen's "No Surrender" -- I actually hate Bruce Springsteen! But my husband loves him, and I found this a while ago when trying to come up with a quote to create a print out of for him. I never did anything with it, so here we go.

I still need to work on some spacing. The lettering in the record is hand-lettered. The rest is Ostrich Sans and Kunstler script. 

I took Faye's suggestion of gray and orange! I love gray with almost anything :)


I fixed up the spacing, created a vector vinyl record for the background to "3 Minute Record" and added a grain texture to the orange background. I'm going to experiment with the inline version of the Ostrich font tonight, thanks to Faye's suggestion, and work on adding the grain texture to the text, as well.


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