Delving deep into my mind's eye & able to produce what I am now thinking.


Thank you Helen Bradley for yet again have been doing it the wrong way! Not only are you saving me time but also saving me money knowing how to use the elements I have, creating my own, etc instead of spending weeks to find the PERFECT element I was imagining for my clients I can serve them better and what is better...FASTER! :D 

I really enjoy your classes and you break them down where they are easy to grasp as well as seeing how all it is is dip in the pool of possibilities. 


This rising sun I created the sunburst pattern, added multiple textures, added a sun clipart, added tons more filters to make it look like the rays are radiating heat, and then I decided to add the glow effect you taught in the beginning. Overall this was amazing and so much fun to be able to create :D 


For some reason I am really being drawn to summer themed even though I stay indoors, Norwegian redhead that burns looking at light and sun do NOT mix. Something about this I just really enjoy and I hope you all do as well :)


I love that I can now make my own stripes for papers, elements, etc..I cannot believe how easy this and the sunburst was...blew my mind lol. 


Thank you so much again Helen I cannot wait for your next class to be posted :) 



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