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Jason Yang

Full-time Motion Designer, Rest-time Illustrator



Delusions of Grandeur - Lil' Luke

Since I was a young padawan, I've loved the Star Wars universe. In early 2012 I began a fan art series featuring the key characters.

I always wondered what Luke was like before becoming the best whomprat killin' T16 pilot on Tatooine, let alone the most powerful Jedi (although I'm sure that's debatable) in the galaxy. I have yet to finish up this character study of Luke Skywalker, so when I saw this class offered, I was immediately reminded of this shelved illustration!


Here is one of the first rough sketches of Luke. I wanted to bring out more character in him, so the next version was of Luke actually playing with the T16 rather than just standing, looking at it. I think that small enhancement greatly benefited the overall sketch.

I'll continue to post progress, but here is where I landed on the sketch.




I'm a stickler for organization, so I ended up naming all of my layers in Illustrator. The layer names remain intact even after exporting to photoshop. I also went ahead and used the pathfinder in illustrator to clip overlapping objects vs. using clipping masks in photoshop. I mostly chose to do it here so I could reduce the layers in my photoshop document.



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