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Delusional Existence

STEP 1:  Selecting your text.

The text I chose to adapt my short film on was Loneliness from Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson.

My script focuses on the part in Enoch's life where he moves from a rural Winesburg, Ohio to the upbeat New York City by himself, at the age of 21. Enoch's personality comes off as childish and egoistical, causing him to have issues bouncing back and forth between reality and fantasy. 

Throughout this part of the story, the reader is first introduced to Enoch's imaginary friends. It is almost like he had made them up to be his minions and to say exactly what he wants to hear. In my script, I wanted to amplify his imaginary friends more than the book did. I decided to diagnose Enoch with Schizotypal Multiple Personality Disorder, making him seem more childish. I also tried to make a very blunt line between the reality and fantasy that is around him at all times. His imaginary friends are dressed more casually, in brighter clothes, and have a more simplistic language. His artsy friends are dressed in dark colors, more dressy clothing, and have a sophisticated vocabulary, where as Enoch is somewhere between that.  He wears casual attire, yet wears somewhat of dark colors with a mature style. He also can speak with strong sophisticated words, but when he attempts to, he begins to stumble upon them and stutter.

I drew a lot of inspiration from Frank the bunny in Donnie Darko. Frank is very manipulative creature living in side of Donnie's brain, destroying and controlling his mind and life. Which is exactly what is happening to Enoch, but in a more subtle matter. I also wanted to make my adaption of this classic early 1900's short story more modern, so I made my script is set in the mid 90's with a more visual style . 

STEP 2: Drafting your screenplay.

final draft:

Draft 2:

Draft 1:

STEP 3: Writing your log line.

A young boy moves from rural Ohio to upbeat New York City to try and fit in and communicate with others his age and persue his dreams in art. But, his mind and life has been taken over by Schizotypal Multiple Personality Disorder. 


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