Deliverables - student project

Deliverables - image 1 - student projectUnit 3:

took a while to get the hang of removing all the strokes/borders and sending the final square to the back before dragging to swatches panel. 

Found the "old school" way of doing it, sensible than the new way. May need to practise the new way some more. 


Deliverables - image 2 - student project


Unit 2:

Thought this was relatively easy to do. Tried to challenge myself with a trickier pattern and drawing this from scratch. I did however find that when 'selecting same fill' that often it would fill more than what I wanted. Probably due to not closing my shapes initially etc. 


Deliverables - image 3 - student project Unit 1: I found the hardest part was to draw the garment which would hold all of the design features (Zips, Collar, pockets, Toggles etc.) It would be great to have a quick guide as to how to draw the flat for a hooded sweat/jacket before applying these techniques. 

All in all, I was quite please with my result, even though the toggle placements don't really make sense.