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Deliverables for Using a Professional EMail Account to Maximize Sales and Decrease Costs

Deliverables for Using a Professional Email Account to Maximize Sales & Decrease Costs

brainstorming deliverables

  1. How you can use email accounts that sound professional to get better results?

I used DGS2.NET to create accounts that gave people a sense of confidence, like [email protected] and [email protected]. I used names like [email protected] to make someone feel that they would get a personal response.

  1. When you would you hire someone on a service like and assign them an email account?
    I create an email account for them to use, thereby not having to ask for their contact information. I stay within’s Terms of Service that way.
  2. When you would respond on behalf of one of your hires. (e.g. training person, key sale, etc.)

Also, anytime you want to easily monitor what someone you have hired to represent you, this is a good tool.


Activities Deliverables (Optional – They cost a little bit of money)


  1. Create a account
  2. Purchase one or more domain names
    I purchased and for about $21.
  3. Create a master email account that allows you to create multiple email accounts on a mix-and-match basis.
    Done.  See picture.
  4. Create an email account and activate its autoresponder


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