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For this project I decided to use the word "Delicious"...I would have done my name but Judy is so short it wasn't very exciting...and somehow an ampersand worked its way in and then I knew things were getting off track:


 So I decided to play around with the word "Delicious" instead. Here are my initial sketches:


These felt more intriguing, but maybe a little...forced? Contrived? So I backed off a little bit and here is another sketch I will probably end up working from and refining:


Okay, I'm back! After many, many more iterations based on the above image, I finally settled on one to go forward with. But first, here are a few versions to help explain my process (I'll just show a few to give the basic gist of the development):


From the beginning I wanted to do something interesting with the "i"s to help the design feel more unique, so I played around with those. I also decided the connection between the "L" and "S" just wasn't happening:



Still playing around with "i"s and separating the L and the S, I decided the "e" and the "L" weren't connecting right and the "L" and "S" felt like they were competing for weight on the bottom. Even when changing it to a swash on the end of the "D" the S still felt too heavy. I really liked the way the top flourish on the "s" paralleled the angle of the bottom flourish on the "L" or the "D", however. 


The bottom version on this next sketch shows what I finally came up with to dot the "i"s...which I loved! But it felt like there was much less motion to this version, and it seemed out of balance (the right seemed very light while the left was so heavy with the capital "D"). But the bottom swashes (below the baseline) on the top image were now working nicely with the "S", so there was also improvement there.   


Working on issues on the top again...the swash upstroke on the "s" mirroring the bottom swash on the "D" again really pleased me, but the top sketch here was definitely too forced. I really liked the bottom sketch as it fixed the balance problem with the "s" and the capital "D", but only because I added an exclamation point...which felt a little bit like cheating (if this was client work they would probably have something to say about that;). It also had a kind of overall "v" effect that I wasn't really going for. So I kept working.


To make a long story short, after much more experimenting I gave more volume to the end of the word by bringing up the "s" swash to arch over and dot the i's, still mirroring the "D" swash, with the "o" filling the space beneath. 


And there we are! I'm excited to get start digitizing this. I had done so much sketching that by the time I came to this point I was happy to call it "done", but now I see the angle on the capital "D" stem will definitely need finessing as well as other things. 

Thanks for checking out my project! Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think so far! I'm always trying to push my design to be better so constructive criticism is welcome. 

More to come!

Okay, so I did my initial vectoring today and here are a couple of pics, one very rough version in outline mode, then another slightly more refined version:



It's coming along! I definitely need to take a break now though, as it's all blurring together and it's hard to judge the thicks and the thins correctly after staring at it so long (does this happen to anyone else?)...definitely still a lot more refining to do though.

More later!

Okay, I tweaked more angles and played with some effects. I really liked this one:


but felt like it was too hard to read in this application, and it make the actual drawing harder to see. So instead I added a side stroke...Here it is in pink and cream:


And just for fun, for a hypothetical editorial application (which in all honestly I have been envisioning since I first began), I put the word over a picture I took of some delicious watermelon:)


It feels a little bit much with the stroke over the image maybe, so here's playing around with a drop shadow instead:


Maybe makes the word too hard to see clearly? Without it:


Okay, last version...a chocolate "delicious" (disclaimer: I didn't take this pic, it's a stock photo).


So there you have it! A few final digitized applications of my word. Feel free to let me know which you like best, or any suggestions you have for improvement! 

Thanks for checking out my project! And thanks Martina for another great class!



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