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Delicious Veggies

I'm excited to take this class and do this project because I started pattern design digitally first and had trouble really envisioning how each element should fit together to make a natural looking balance in the pattern.

I like the idea of starting from the basics this way. Plus I still prefer to illustrate by hand, so this seems like a fun project to take on.

For my illustrations I chose vegetables because there are a lot of interesting shapes and variations you can do. Plus maybe if I draw healthier I'll eat healthier? (My alternative idea was to draw sweets and desserts).

Here is my first illustration, cutting it linearly like the first option in the videos: (pre-cut, long cut, horizontal cut)


And the final version with the spaces filled in:


And here's the 2nd one I did with the diagonal cut:


And the final version:


I think the negative space isn't as balanced on this 2nd one as the first one. Next, I'll make copies of them and see how they handle as a wall pattern. Fun so far!

Here's my final pattern - I just did a quick coloring of them digitally. Thanks for the class! I'll definitely be trying this technique out more!



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