Delicious Food While Camping That Anyone Can Make

I've been traveling around the world for the last 4 years now in a camper / caravan / tent with my partner and our dog. Living off grid in the most secluded and beautiful places we can find I quickly figured out that making even the easiest recipes can be a challenge when you don't have electricity for your mixer, an oven, refrigerator or sometimes even gas to cook on. Being a food enthusiast I refused to accept that in my new life I will have to settle down for bread and ham as my new steady diet. So I started thinking what can I make that still tastes fabulous without relying on everyday utilities that most people have at home. I stocked up our van with every spice I could possible think of and the only cooking facility I could always rely on was our BBQ. So here's what I've learned works best when you don't have a lot to count on but you still want to impress!




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