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Sonja Schnatzer

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!



Delicious Apple Hazelnut Waffles For Weekend Breakfast

I just pressed the publish Button and I'm very excited about the reactions and to see your projects!

Delicious Apple Hazelnut Waffles For Weekend Breakfast


- Here is the link to my first class, which is:

Three Easily Made Healthy And Delicious Alternatives To Jam And Nutella


At the moment I work on the German Version of the class. 

Next Step: Cutting the talking head videos! 

Going for the next class now: 

Milestone 2:

Class Topic: Delicious Apple Hazelnut Waffles For Weekend Breakfast (can be Pancakes as well)

Our family loves to have a big breakfast on weekends and often we prepare waffles or pancakes. This is one of our favourite recipes and it is really versatile and healthy! 

Instead of sugar we sweeten it with dates and fruits and naturally we skip cream and sweet sauces. We use the spreads from my first class, homemade jam, yoghurt and fruits to create delicious combinations. ;) 

In this class you will learn to prepare these healthy and delicious waffles for your family and then prepare your own variation as the class project. 


Milestone 3:

My Class Outline:

Milestone 4

Finally, here is the link to my intro video:

Have to make last amendments to my cut videos and then I can publish! :D



1st class: Breakfast: Three Healthy And Delicious Alternatives To Jam And Nutella

Milestone 2:

Class Topic: Three Easily Made Healthy And Delicious Alternatives To Jam And Nutella.

Industrial sweet bread spreads and jams contain a lot of sugar and some of them also a lot of fat. So you can imagine that they are not the perfect meal to start the day or have it in your or your kid's lunchbox.

However, it is very easy to make some healthier homemade alternatives that taste as delicious (or even better). That is, what you will learn in this course. 

I will give you an overview about healthier alternatives to sugar and industrial fat and teach you how to prepare three specific bread spreads.

The recipies included are: 

  • Turkish Hazelnut Spread (We got to know this when we spent some weeks in Istanbul and the whole family loves it!)
  • Chocolate-Almond-Cream
  • Rasberry Chia Jam 

The spreads are not only yummy on a bread, but you can also use them as a topping for yoghurts, muesli (cereals), overnight oats, pancakes, french toast or waffles. 

After attending my class you will know more about sugar alternatives and the positive effects of the other ingredients in my recipes. You will know about possible variations and uses and hopefully have a healthier breakfast every day from now on. 

Class Project: (more detailed in the outline)

I really want to meet you so please say hello and introduce yourself in the comments. 

Produce your favourite spread or all of them using the kind of sweetener you prefer and share your experiences with us. Post a photo of the outcome and tell us how you and your family liked it. 

Experiment with the different ingredients and sweeteners and post your favourite recipe.

Here is a picture of the spreads I made according to my recipes:


And here I used the yummy Rasberry Chia Jam as a topping for my muesli:


Waffles with my spreads


Bread with Raspberry Chia Jam and Chocolate Almond Cream and fruits:


Milestone 3:

Milestone 4 (YEAH!):

Can*t believe I really did it!

Milestone 5:

I filmed the cooking process last Tuesday and edited it as well last week and today I filmed and edited the rest. 

Milestone 6:

I started uploading today. Hope everything is ready till Friday. (I have three small kids, so working time is rare. ;)   ) 

Everything is uploaded, cover image is redesigned. I am entering the class information now. 


- checking if everything is correct

- prepare the mailings and save them

- last pre launch info in facebook

- My class is online! Please ENROLL!!! Here is the link:


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