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Delicate Arch

Its about a 3 mile round trip to Delicate Arch and back. I highly recommend it if you have not been there yet. With some good planning you could catch it at sunrise and sunset. It was quite the scene up there once I got to the top. There were probably two or three dozen photographers camped out waiting for the best light with the best angle. (I think some of them had been there for 4 or 5 hours) 

I quickly took a back seat an opted to enjoy the scene instead of elbowing my way into the line up. I got to talking with this fellow picture below. Joshua was travelling the country and the world for that matter. He had recently returned from an extended visit to Isreal and was now road tripping through the south west. As all the other photographers were busily snapping away HDR photos of the arch in the golden light I snagged this frame of my new friend.

As the light faded more and more poeple started down the trail back to their cars in the parking lot. I changed angles once many of the photographers left so they wouldn't yell at me as I walked through their shot, "Get out of the way! Come back tomorrow!" There were one or two folks left enjoying the last light of the day. This second image is the sihlouette of Delicate Arch and its last observer for the evening off in the distance.


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