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Jessie Hodges

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Delhi Meri Jaan - A Modified Version of Apples to Apples

I'm an American living in Delhi (and have been for about 7 years). Every time my husband and I think about moving out, I get all panicy inside that I will lose all the special knowledge and everyday experiences that make me love this city. 

And a few of our friends who are board/card game nerds just got married.

So I thought, why not make a card game based on Delhi for their wedding gift...with the additional benefit of having an outlet to apply some of the interesting things we know and live in this place we call home.

I tried a few board game ideas, but didn't like them much - they always ended up being a bit banal.

Then we played Apples to Apples at a dinner party and I thought, 'That's it!'

So I made a Delhi-specific version of Apples to Apples which I've called (Dilli Meri Jaan - Delhi, My Love). These are the card backs using a great font based on traditional handpainted signs in India and a map of Delhi:



The adjective cards (green ones in Apples to Apples, blue ones in my version) are pretty much the same - though I've added in a few Hindi references. The noun cards (red ones in Apples to Apples, pink ones in my version) are all Delhi-specific references: people, places, things, etc.



I've followed the general layout of Apples to Apples cards pretty closely, just modifying graphics, fonts, colors, etc. to be more funky. After the first prototype I realized the font on my cards was far too small - players sitted around the table couldn't see the symonyms at the bottom of the Adjective cards or the funny descriptions on the Noun cards (though that was less important). I also took into account printing layouts and added a few more cards to maximize printing costs. And here we go.....! I can't wait to package it up and give it to them - and to play it with friends as long as we still live here :)


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