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Andres Garcia

One tablet short of a full medicine cabinet.



Delgado & Garcia

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative"

It's strange how with your clothing can send a message you never thought you could send.


We do not have a tumblr. There is no website. We do not have a twitter page. And we don't have a facebook. We don't have an etsy or a paypal acct. or even an ebay account. I actually don't know much (if anything) about the industry. And neither does my partner. So He won't act like he does and neither will I.. I interned for The Hundreds for two days, but the 3rd day I was driving to L.A. I got a blowout on the 605 S. and the money I was to spend on gas, I spent on a used tire at a shop in La Puente. I live an hour outside of Los Angeles. Long story short, I lost my internship and I was kind of devastated. I am a nine-to-fiver. I work a shitty job, with my boss serving the typical role as the bi-polar racist republican who uses intimidation and threats as motivation. A business man who uses inappropriate (racially charged) nicknames for his employees. Not to negate his business credentials but to say in short his status as a man within the enterprise of the commercial construction industry - He is currently being audited by the IRS - and It especially doesn't help that he's a complete right wing moron whom doesn't feel the need to hear any other voice but his own. Dealines don't get reached, and dollars don't get made in this company... 

We've always known theres a lot more out there for ourselves. In all honesty, mission statements like these come few and far between.  We are from no place special, San Bernardino California. It ain't so bad here if you stay on the sidewalk and go home at a reasonable hour. 

"Nothing good happens after midnight."

 I always thought I needed a platform and a spotlight for my ideals and imagery. And despite my views being so young and green, I knew there was something special about how I integrated lowriding, punk rock, skateboarding, alcohol, graffiti, rap music, sexual encounters, painful experiences, heartbreak, embarrassing moments and really good nights out with friends and complete strangers. I'd like to think of this as a melting pot of all the crazy things that are seen through our eyes.

Our name isn't special, theres no great big meaning behind it. It's only our last names. But in time, there will be more to add to it, more depth and weight to the names we carry. We'd like to own and accept all debts and successes of this upcoming project. Many people mask themselves with clever names and the silly meanings behind them. WE want to own our mistakes and praise them, and stand behind nothing but our own name. 

"Chris Dorner did it. 2pac did it. Jack London did it. Frank Ocean did it. Michael Jackson did it. Bobby Kennedy did it. JFK did it. Lee Harvey did it. Rick James did it. Django did it. Mickey Mouse did it. Ice Cube did it. AZ did it.  Mark David Chapman did it. Timothy McVeigh did it. Walter Kronkite did it. Dick Clark did it. MCA did it. Marvin Gaye did it. Princess Diana did it. Andy Kaufman did it. OJ did it. Those rad bank robbers that threw money in the streets of LA for damn sure, did it."

"Now I got two rottweilers by my bed, I feed em' lead"

Whether they are guilty of pop culture shenanigans or underneath the umbrella of philanthropy. They may be comprised of imagination and the creative collaborations of a group who wanted a character or an idea to come to life. They all signed there name on the dotted line with their own blood and still haven't been cleared or forgotten and probably will not. We are not trying to be cleared. We want to be the child playing during church missing the sermon. We want to be the person who laughs at the atheist standing on the other side of the tape. We want to be Michael Madsen in Resevoir Dogs. The people who pull the strings and call the shots, in our own life and in yours. The naysayer in the crowd of yes men. The guys who get written off before they're analyzed.

Our goal for product is to offer pieces that can stand the test of time, with relevance as well as wearability. Something that will reign true with it's heavy appeal and something that breathes easy.  We want to offer something that can be worn everyday if you choose to. A garment you can run in, paint in, dance in, fight in, and use to wipe sweat off your forehead when you're at work. A shirt that can be worn to your warehouse shift, and then washed and worn out to the bar. Everyone has their favorite shirt or jeans, we're trying to be the favorite.

"Qualified to do anything with nothing."


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