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Déjàmor is “BirchBox for romance and intimacy.” We sell monthly subscriptions for couples to instill their relationship with romance and intimacy – delivering creative experiences and products that are easy, fun, and exciting. We have a few hundred subscribers since launching an initial market test in July.  We continue to benchmark customer acquisition channels and explore business partnerships with relationship consultants, magazine publishers, and product wholesalers. 

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Studies show that 52% of Americans are “dissatisfied with their love life.” Worse still, 25% of people stray to infidelity as a result of relationship boredom.  But there is hope, because 80% of people are open to receiving help with their relationship.  Indeed, Americans spend $13 billion on relationship products and services, like Cosmo magazine, self-help books, and couples counseling. Yet these haven’t fully addressed the problem. That’s why Déjàmor is dedicated to changing the dynamics of relationships. Déjàmor delivers a monthly care package for your relationship that instills romance and intimacy. Our packages include two boxes – one for His Eyes Only and another for Her Eyes Only.  Each His & Her box contains a recipe and ingredients to enjoy an unforgettable moment with your partner. For Her, it’s a great way to highlight the romance; for Him it’s a fun, easy way to sweep her off her feet. 

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