Elizabeth Corgan Powell

Communications Designer at MetLife



Definition of Success

I find this really challenging because I have to be honest with myself about how I have defined success.

And that is hard to face.

I grew up in a competitive family, and one that spends large amounts of their life in business affairs. I do not have a creative relative that I can look up to and have examples from. I look to my design friends and community and compare myself to them and what they accomplish... where they live...how much cooler of a gig they have than me, etc.

I must admit I am guilty of that still.

That's why this class has intrigued me so.. and I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability that Christine shows in telling about her journey to find a new definition of success. Through this class I have realized that adhering to the comparisons or the societal "norms" of success .. I am only failing myself. And in doing that I am failing those around me, because I am not being true to myself.

Old Definition of Success:

- To prove that creative work is as equally important as business work

- To create things that people like and want for enough money to keep me entertained.

- To work a job where I grow as an employee and get recognition

New Definition of Success:

- To sketch/draw everyday for myself and no one else.

Dance like no one is watching ;)


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