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Urban Reflection Brand Identity



Defining the brand identity for a sole proprietor trading as 'Urban Reflection'

Hi everyone,

My name is Adrie, I have a Bachelors Degree in Town and Regional Planning and I have worked as a development economist, urban management specialist and sustainability consultant for the last 11 years.

Two years ago I took the plunge and left secure employment to pursue the fantasy of being my own boss, and hopefully, finally, also creating more balance between work and life....

I have been very blessed, and two years later the dream is still going strong. And the time has come for the dream to create a platform that can expand. Urban Reflection was created as the brand I could trade under, creating a brand in the market, that hopefully could one day be expanded to include more employees. although I'd be just as happy if it stays just me.

For the past 12 months I have been working with two freelance designers to create a logo for the brand, and throughout this process it became very clear that I need to find my own creative voice to ensure that the end product translates my ideas into reality.

The logo and name evolved over time, but the first design process just never quite made it. Some of the earlier logos:

Having lost a little of the original drive I had for this process, the second design process was more focussed and had a specific logo idea in mind. Some of the logos are shown below:

And finally, the winning logo:

Driving the development of a brand identity myself, I have formulated the creative brief.... not sure if I'm on the right track but learning a lot about myself and the brand I have in mind.

The moodboard I created to help me through this process:

I worked on the colour palette and this is what I came up with.... The first rage of colours is what is currently already used in my logo - I played around to find some colours to use in the rest of the brand. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback I have received so far.  The suggestion was made that I add a 'pop' colour and this is what I am currently working on.... Any comments?

Still playing around with the colours a little.... and have also started thinking about fonts. Have a look and let me know what you think.

As you will see the logo has been 'cleaned-up' a bit - removing all the different greens and making it more simple. I havent been able to play around with the colours of the logo itsels as I no longer have access to design software so I thought the colour palette could perhaps be incorporated in other ways to provide a little 'pop' of colour.

Graphic language

I started playing around a bit and this is what I came up with.... any thoughts?

Final Presentation

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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