Katherine D.

Illustrator, Designer, Sloth Whisperer



Defining My(self) Freelance Business

Hi there! I graduated with a degree in illustration just this past spring, and finally decided to take the first steps into crafting my freelance illustration and design business. You can find it here: katherinediemert.com

I've found this course really useful in identifying what it is that I want to make and who it's for. So here we go!


My Missions Statement:


Katherine is a multi-disciplinary illustrator and designer who uses a mix of analog materials and digital tools to create fresh work for unconventional studios and businesses.



Katherine is a multi-disciplinary illustrator and designer from Dundas, Ontario. She grows and develops ideas into rich, fresh illustrations, designs, and interactive projects for studios and businesses that are ambitious and unconventional. She uses a combination of analog and digital tools to create her work, mixing unique imagery with various media to create works that push the envelop, stand out in a crowd, and break out of the box.

Moodboard (in progress)



And my worksheets!




I love to do and create a wide variety of products: illustrations, designs, interactive projects and games, set design, objects, collage and assemblages… but when it comes to my business, trying to explain what I do and sell has been very difficult and confusing! Going through these worksheets helped me think at a larger scale of who it is I want to work with (not just who will actually work with me), and what it is that I want to do for them.

Thanks a lot! :) Let me know if you have any suggestions about anything!


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