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Defining My Creative Brand

I have been struggling with defining my brand for quite some time.  I've taken loads of classes with some similar exercises but for some reason this time I'm managing to get the information out of myself without freezing up.  Which is cause for celebration!  Thank you, Faye, for helping me break through my resistance.

Lesson One:  Defining Your Business      November 5, 2015

Even though I felt like I'd been through the Who/What/When/Where of my potential business about a zillion times before it did seem helpful to just get it out on paper this way.  I'm constantly second guessing myself because I am multitalented and I never really know which way to go in.  Or to believe I could actually capitalize on those talents.


Lesson Two:  Your Perfect Customer or Client     November 5, 2015

The next lesson is to create a mood board of my client.  I have done about five different iterations of defining my client, once even with using Pinterest, but for some reason this time I got it!  It's really exciting!  My friends know what a struggle this has been for me so they can attest to what a big deal it is for me to have clarity at last!  

I found that because my business is about creativity and spirituality, it's kind of hard to picture the woman who is my client.  I don't really have a style myself.  I have purposefully been non-descript for most of my adult life. But on Pinterest I kept picking out all of these portraits of goddesses and priestesses and other fantasy women.  At first I resisted but I was so drawn in I kept going.  Then it hit me - I work with people at the soul level and this is what people look like inside themselves.  Society won't let women like us look like that on the outside ("too costumey" as they say on Project Runway) so many of us - my client especially - is looking ordinary on the outside while being larger than life on the inside.

This is a huge realization!  I've been fighting with this dichotomy for years!  I had an inkling about it a couple of months ago but when I was doing this exercise it all visually snapped into place.  Very exciting!  (Although you probably wouldn't be able to tell that I was this excited just from looking at me.  haha! )  A lot of other information about what I want to do for these women is streaming into my mind now, too.

This is just a small sampling of my "clients":


I couldn't get them all on the screen at once but this is a good sampling.  It's interesting to watch how Pinterest lines them up as I zoom in or out. I picked out three that were together because they feel like the core of my ideal client.



I'm very excited to start thinking about my potential clients as being these women.  My apologies to all the artists' work who aren't being acknowledged.

Lesson 3:  The Importance of Branding     November 5, 2015

I dove into this exercise without listening to the class first so I have too much information in the first line.  I'll have to go back and reign that in.  That's pretty hard for me.  Again, though, now that I have such a clearer picture of my ideal client I was able to think about my business in terms of the future.  I NEVER am able to do exercises that make me look into the future.  I was surprised that I was able to get words on the page, even if I'm not sure I believe them.  I always overshoot what's actually possible.  But I think I was a little better at it.  I'm just glad I could put anything down. I've been very blocked.


Lesson 5:  Your Brand Name     November 5, 2015

I can't tell you how many hours over the years I have spent mulling over brand names.  I tend to get really lost in it.  While I was working on this yesterday I decided I should give myself more credit.  I have always spotted trends, sometimes decades ahead of time, and I shouldn't second guess myself.  So I'm sticking with the name I decided on a year ago and am just now figuring out how to develop:  The Little Shrine of Creativity.

Lesson 6:  Your Brand Mission Statement     November 6, 2015



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