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Defi Entreprises

Hi, I am convinced that physical activity contributes to companies' productivity and to employees' well-being. Five years ago, I  started a physical activity program name Defi Entreprises. Our program has 3 steps :

  • Conference given in the participating companies
  • 12 weeks of training programs sent by email to participants
  • Large event in which participants complete the goal they set for themselves

What is Marketing for? To join more people, so that we can help more people being more physically active.

What are we allowed to touch? Pretty much everything. As the founder of the company and CEO  (I also wear the marketing hat), I feel like pretty much everything can be changed.

What can we measure? Number of customers (people). Number of participating companies. Number of newletter followers. Hours of physical activity done per week.

What can we change? Our goal is to help more people be physically active for an hour and a half for a week.

What should we promise? To our customers : that our program is simple to use and effective. To our people : that working for our cause is worth their time.

What is the hard part? Getting large companies to invest time (not money) into a physical activity program. Also, getting cities to host the event is quite difficult.

Should we make trends or follow them? We are following a trend toward simpler living, being more physically active and being more instead of having more.

Where is the risk? Customer : some people get injured during the program and might feel frustrated that they can't participate in the big event that ends the program. On our side, the risk is that someday the company will close.

Who is in charge here? I'm in charge of the marketing.

What is the money for? 1. Creating content on our blog. This is our number 1 source of new customers. In my opinion, it's creating a good connection and confidence between our customers and our organization. Being present in HR expos.

What’s the most important way to spend my time? Selling our product to businesses. Creating content and talking with our customers.

4 P's


We have to showcase normal people and celebrities alike to show that our program works. We can also show through articles that many businesses reached their goals of being more active. We can also show that many coaches that have been through our training program achieved their goals. 

How can we do that ? Through interviews, videos,advertisement.


This is the one I am most obsessed about. I have been writing a blog a week for 4 years +. Nothing compared to Seth's 1 post a day for many years, but still. Going forward, we will continue to write at least 1 quality article per week, send 1 email newsletter per week. We will add a new newsletter, for Defi Entreprises, all year long.

People like us

How are people like us?

  • They don't drink too much
  • They don't smoke
  • They are good parents
  • They are successful in life / work
  • They are physically active
  • They are proud to be healthy


That is the one I want to work on the most. We have to be able to recognize that all our websites are from the same place. Unify the branding, make it look better.


What we stand for : Physical activity vs tv, going outdoor vs staying in, being proud of what you achieved. C'est pour les meilleures entreprises. Les meilleurs employeurs. Les employeurs qui se soucient de leurs employés. Les entreprises en santé. Les entreprises actives.


L'expérience doit être simple et agréable. Avoir un bon flow. Trouver facilement tes collègues. Pas chercher le parcours. Les gens doivent se sentir fiers.


Worldview is the biases and expectations that we bring to every situation - Nos clients sont un peu bizarres. Ils courent l'hiver. Ils n'écoutent pas la télévision. Ils sont heureux. Ils ont une vie chargée.


les responsables en entreprise, on doit leur faire sentir que s'ils ne participent pas, ils seront rejets. Mais ils doivent avoir confiance que l'événement sera solide.


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