Jenn Morgan

International Brand Coach



Defending the Universe from Mediocre Marketing - one entrepreneur at a time

Jenn Morgan is an International Brand Coach for new era entrepreneurs who want to build a platform around their expertise. I guide my clients through the process of defining their unique value, communicating a distinct point of view with clarity and conviction, and designing sales and marketing strategies that reflect the integrity and style of their brand. I currently earn money through pre-paid consulting packages. I spend money on building my platform (both online and off), attending live events to acquire clients, and high end marketing/sales/publicity training so I can give my clients the most relevant and up to date advice.

Radically Distinct is the company who produces the personal brand of Jenn Morgan. Last year was our first year in the entrepreneur market and we grossed $115,000 in consulting/coaching fees with only a word of mouth campaign and a 1 on 1 offer. This year we are focusing on video blogging,  product creation, and reducing the cost of client acquisition. After reading Steve Blank's article about customer development, I realized last year was customer discover and validation. This year is about taking what I learned and leveraging the information into a training/coaching model.

It's become very clear that what I (Jenn Morgan) am very good at is - breaking down an idea into it's simpliest form and connecting it to an audience in a way that people love. My partner ( is very good at making that a visual story. Two of my clients have hired us to design their brand identity and web presence based only on what we've done with my website: We are not yet sure what the business model of Radically distinct will be, so I'm using the consulting arm of the company (Jenn Morgan, International Brand Coach) for the purposes of this class.

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