Deerly Beloved


Loved this course, thank you!  I don't think I'm quite done with her yet -- she still seems a bit sparse but it's hard to know when to stop!  I've done her on a little postcard (thus the rectangular shape vs. the square) and I think the smaller size made it a touch more difficult to get the kind of detail I'd have liked on the flowers -- but alas, the only watercolour paper I had in the house. :)

I'm awaiting the white gel pen so I can give her the typical fawn spots. I think she's darling (especially considering the initial sketches looked a bit more like a ratpig than a fawn! (see below)


I started the fawn in pencil and then inked her in with Windsor & Newton ink and a dip pen. Took ages to dry so I started practicing flower designs on another bit of paper. Once she was dry, I went in with the brush pens and colored the darkest bits where shadows would be and then pulled the color from there with a wet brush. It's my first time painting with watercolours so it took a bit of getting used to! I went in with just a wet brush and added water to the bits I wanted to brighten up afterwards (a technique I learned from another video yesterday!)  Then I spent about two hours agonizing over flower placement until I just decided to have a go. Not bad for a first try, I don't think! But still loads to learn.  Thank you for a fun course!



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