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"Deep in her Heart the Thunder Rolls"

I am a business woman, an advocate, a mom. A seeker of knowledge. A person of conviction.

I have stumbled. I have fallen. I have been too shy. I have been mentally, physically and  financially drained. I have not given up.

What keeps me going—what keeps me trying to do better the next time—what keeps me keeping on keeping on? It is this fire inside me that is hard to describe—this energy that has always been there. It has taken me a long time to accept that this is actually something special.

I have learned that success is in the journey. There is not some destination that will be "it". "It" is now. "It" is then. "It"  is in my actions towards others, in how I remain true to myself and how I open myself up to be brave enough to live up to my full potential and push myself to be a better person.

My business commandment will be, "Deep in Her Heart the The Thunder Rolls", from the song by Garth Brooks.

It will remind me that my true gifts come from the deepest caverns of my soul. My commandment will give me faith facing the uncertainty of life in that as long as I stay true to myself, live unabashed and fully share my spirit and gifts with the world, I will have no regrets.

Eva Tucker
Owner, Human D.M.T.


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