Deep Space Merchant (Smuggler)

Hi guys,

I'm going with a Sci-fi theme for my character. Though before I go into that, the process... I love it! It is not what I am used to, it's my first time trying it but it certainly produces results.

Back to my character concept, Sci-fi, a suggler who poses as a mechant. So He/She (haven't decided which yet) wears repestable clothing in line with the merchant and carrys a Vibroblade in line with the smuggler side, though this wouldn't be considered unusal as many a merchant in this universe would carry a weapon. Because it is a Vribroblade it's electronically powered, the power source is to big to be put into the balde so it is seperate connected by cables. These are the only constraints I have given myself.

Please let me know which of the thumbnails you guys like best, or maybe you like certain parts of a couple of them? Thanks!!!



Here are my refinements. I started with five thumbnails from above, added detail and then cut it down to three poses and selected the final pose after adding more detail. The final one I selected is second image down and the furtheriest to the right of the three figures.



Heres the variation of the figure I picked. The figure on the far right is the combined parts of varation I liked and the one that will be developed into my final.



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