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Jonathan Lyons




Deep Sea Diver

I have some bubble brushes I really wanted to use, so I added an environment.

Here is my first attempt at rendering.  Some success here and there.  Will probably redo it.

Okay, I got partway into the rendering stage.  I love the Option-Delete fill method, though I'm used to having outlines. 

Yes, his face is under there.

Many years ago, I was a Navy deep sea diver.  I was in the last class to be trained in the old copper helmet, Mark V diving rig.  I went to NYU film school, now I am an animator.  I worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I wish I had gone to art school.  I am happy to be here.  I like Matt's work.

I'm thinking of a cute illustration of a tough diver.  I'm hoping to include some environment that feels deep.

Here are some thumbnails I did, to work on proportions.  Please leave feedback, such as a number of those you like.  Thanks!

Let's see if I love this thumbnail as much in the morning.


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