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Deep Sea Creature

EDIT 07.02.14

I created two more thumbnail designs that I like a lot. I'm still working on detailing the sketches.

EDIT 1/11/2014

New thumbnails

As I announced in my last update I added the basic feature 'humanoid' to the list of aspects of my creature, and created some new thumbnails with that in mind:

It took me some time to create something that I found satisfying, but after some swapping and combining of parts, I really like the last three designs. I think the bottom right one is my absolute favorite. The merman is cool, too, but to me it lacks the feeling of an ulterior evil motive - the weird coral/prawn head of the last one is pretty much faceless, which makes it more alien in my eyes, I like that. Its form also seems bigger and could be made really huge and stll look believable (the merman not so much).

Yeah, on to the next lesson! :D


EDIT: first thumbnails

I am very unhappy with how this is going. The reason is: Considering the weirdness of deep sea life I can come up with absolutely nothing that looks like a monster - because everything down there kind of does. What I created so far could just as easily be actually living down there right now...
I think I will have to add a weird and out of place feature like 'humanoid' to the basic shape, or I won't be able to create something that looks like a fantasy creature.

I will create some new thumbnails tomorrow. Should all of this lead to nothing I will probably start a new project with a 'confine design'...


START: brainstorming

I've always wanted to draw monsters like H.P. Lovecraft created them - something that dwells deep down in the dark and has only evil purposes. There are hundreds of Cthulhu illustrations out there, but I hope I can come up with something fresh and still show my appreciation to Lovecraft's ideas.
Here are my first notes and pictures I collected. The sea is such a treasure box of inspiration, it will be quiet hard to choose... I think what I definitely want to incorporate in the design are eight legs/limbs and the deep sea volcano look.


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