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Decorative Designs and Scripts: Inspiring with Arabic Lettering (PUBLISHED!!!)

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Arabic calligraphy is an intriguing artform. It molds Arabic words into images and designs that are captivating and enchanting. Knowing how to write Arabic letters to spell out a name gives way to wonderful inspiration in order to create a magnificent and unique output. 


This class walks students through different examples of Arabic Calligraphy artforms and teaches them how to write their names in Arabic so that they can create their own artpiece. 

The Arabic language has 28 letters. Three of those letters are vowels and the rest are consonants. Students will learn how to write these letters in beautiful art forms.

Join this class with Viva Liban where you will learn about another dimension that you can experiment with in your projects.

Viva Liban is a Cultural Intelligence Advocate and Comics Artist who is just getting started. Learn more about her work by visiting


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