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Decorating of Wooden Chopping Board for Beginners. !!CLASS PUBLISHED!! + NEW PROJECT

I finally published my first class. Tired but really exited! Enroll my class and hope you'll enjoy it! 

PLUS, Look my NEW PROJECT about Ink Painting on wood I'm working at now. It's really interesting kind of experience! Really would like to get your feedbacks!

Hi everyone! Being a part of April Teacher Challenge I'm going to make class about wood painting technology. I will show all the steps from choosing good surface and preparing it for painting to final covering. There are many instruments for wood painting but in this class I gonna use acrylics. This class is mostly for beginners, but also can be useful for people who just interested in Russian painting.

In project for the class we will decorate wooden chopping board. But also students can feel free to decorate any wooden surface they want such as casket or spoon.



I've made my class outline so you guys can see it by this link


Filming is in progress. Doing it at first time is really exiting!



Finished to film one of the main part - making draft for painting. Tired but exited!


Hope you guys enjoy my class!


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