Decorate Your Room like a Professional

Class Description:

Your room is a very important place where you relax after the long day activities. This is where people spend most of their time and therefore it is very important to have a good room design that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. After you get home from the long day activities, you will need somewhere to sleep and relax so that you can gain energy for the next day. With a well designed bedroom, you will need not to worry about this. Therefore it is very essential to have a well decorated bedroom for your comfort and healthy sleeping.

Being a busy person, all you need is a bedroom that will help you relax and reduce the stress of the day. Therefore you must design your bedroom in a way that will make you feel good a part from providing you with a good sleep where you can dream and loosen up. With a well decorated bedroom, you will have a more relaxed and happy life because you will start each and every morning strong and relaxed after a good sleep at night.

This course described each part of the decoration and divided it into each lectures for your better understand and differentiation


Class Project :

Post good photos of you newly designed room after you have completed this course and applied the ideas from here to give your home/room a designer look




Class Outline:

Final Published Class:


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