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Amanda Guerassio

Graphic Designer & Brand Wrangler



Deconstructed Feather

I'm a designer by trade, not an illustrator, but I do like to draw and even dabble in screenprinting. I've been wanting to explore doing digital prints for awhile now, so this class seemed perfect. For the assignment, I decided to do a feather. I have a rougher, simpler style than a lot of the artists in this class, as you'll see.

I started by sketching out some ideas:

I decided to work with the second one, because I thought it'd lend itself to being colorized the best. I'll probably revisit the 3rd and 4th ones, too. One of them will likely end up in my screenprinting shop. 

But anyway! On to scanning and vectorizing and colorizing. The progression:

And here's the final one:

I ended up adding painterly strokes to the colored shapes because I wanted to give it just a touch of the feel of a watercolor. This one won't be made into a print I don't think, but as an exercise on a spare afternoon I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. 

What do you think?


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