Sourabh Agarwal

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Decoding - The REAL ME

Who was  I on November , 2011 ?

Lazy, Never worked out ( I wouldn't say always- but yes I did get up and get my work done, I am just talking about hitting the gym precisely. :) ) Procrastinating kinda guy.

Weighed 85 Kilos, Waist was - 36 almost 37 inches, body fat - 25% + . 

Who Am I today ( 12.01. 2013)

Active, Working out- atleast 3 times a Day ( my current HITT 100s program by Dr. Jim Stoppani makes it to 6 days a week). Which almost lasts around 1.5 hours for me daily. Sunday I get to sleep and catch up on some snooze I would have missed out on. I try to get things done on time or before. I want to get over with things and get a chance to try new ones with the time saved. I have fairly increased my energy levels.

Today I weigh 74-75 Kilos, Waist is - 32 inches, body fat - 17% +

How did I achieve this?

I started with home bodyweight workouts.  I incorporated running and basics like pushups, squats and lunges. Gradually increased to home workouts with dumbbells. Then began my at the gym workouts with my first program from Steve Shaw. My second workout program was by Kris Gethin- 12 week trainer. My current 6 week plan you already know ( Incase you missed, Its in the para above). 

What do I want to do/ Where do I want to be?

I want to be regular in my workout regime and diet and make this a life long habit. 


Sometimes.. you just dont have the energy to workout? At times I certainly do not.. but I just keep pushing myself... I need to know what is that I am capable of achieving... At times If I really am unable to workout ( Physically not able to do so.. I try to do light weights or take it easy with some cardio.. ) Walking may be.. 


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