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Deco Tulips

I'm excited to try out this project; like Elizabeth, I've always loved and had an eye for patterns but hadn't considered the fact that there's such a thing as a "pattern designer." So, I sat down for a few nights and sketched out some different ideas. This one is the most complete to be able to add it here. 

I love all things Art Deco and Nouveau. I love swirls and curves and details.

I quickly realized that as difficult as it is to get something "right" once, it's pretty much completely impossible to make it identical the second (or fourth, or fifth) time. So, I designed one have of the detail with the view to mirroring it once I got it into AI. 

From there I worked with Illustrator to outline and refine the drawing. I'm still new to AI so it's REALLY frustrating... lol But eventually, I got this... 

From there I researched how to make Live Paint work... And played around with the online and integrated Kuler pallets until I found a couple I liked.... (I love red and gypsy colours...)

But in the end I was most satisfied with the blue and silvers.... I have ideas for adding some moire or detail in the background and if I ever printed it I would like to actually print parts as silver, not just grey. 

What do you think?  

I'm excited to keeping playing with this and my other ideas that are now constantly coming!


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