Illia Strikhar

Product Designer at Tapcore



Decisions (live on Heroku!)

Every day Jason has to decide on a lot of things. What to have for breakfast, where to go for lunch or which girl to call on a date...;-) 

Luckily, most of the urgent decisions are easy and don't require much thinking.

But sometimes Jason has to make very important, life-changing decisions, like, which university to enter, which job offer to accept, or which of the two girlfriends to marry. 

Of course, Jason has thoughts, feelings and emotions. But to make great decisions, he needs a tool to organize his heart and head, weigh the pros and cons and take a global look.

How will the MVP app work?

  1. You ask a question, e.g.: Which job offer to accept?
  2. You write down the options: 1) Apple 2) Microsoft
  3. You define the "+" parameters: a) Salary b) Work environment c) Career perspective d) Coolness
  4. You define the "-" parameters: a) Stress b) Other city 
  5. Now each of the two options has the parameters you have to assess on a scale from -5 to +5. 
  6. Count the scores and make your choice! 

Check out the prototype:



It's only a basic responsive app with some playing around HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript. Still quite a long way to go in making it work like it's meant to work. 

What do you guys think? Comments are most welcome! 


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