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Decision Support Team Pitch to Foundation

Unit 1 Activity:  

1. Who is your audience?  

Representatives from the foundations at each of Providence's regions.  These are elite executives with a heart.  They were given their jobs because of their ability to raise funds, manage resources, and make grants judiciously.  Their work is mission-driven.  Their mission:  As people of Providence, we reveal God's love for all-- especially the poor and the vulnerable-- through our compassionate service.  Their core values:  respect, compassion, justice, excellence, and stewardship.  They want to help Providence be the best it can be while serving the poor and vulnerable in an excellent way-- and being good stewards of resources.

They are all three:  customers, investors, and partners.  In making a grant to us they would be both supporting our growth as investors but they would also be adopting our project as their own-- and they are seeking quality projects.  They want to be partners with grantees.  But first and foremost they are investors-- they have money that they want to invest in quality projects that serve their mission.

2. What is their problem?  

Their problem is twofold:  How best to use Foundation dollars to support the mission, and how to shape Providence strategy so that they can do their job even better.When it comes to the Medicaid population, they are familiar with the needs of the community and the resources available, but they have not been (as far as I know) involved in a formal decision tree when it comes to MEdicaid strategy.  As far as that goes-- the question is, how does Providence respond to the Medicaid expansion and CCO innovations in a way that aligns with Prov's business model and mission/core values?

3. How can we help?

We can help by joining forces-- by creating a team and a formal system to support executive decision-making in regards to strategy targeted at implementing health care reform.  We have data that the Foundation and decision-makers need in order to design effective strategy in response to health care reform.  The Foundation also has knowledge.  So does Government Affairs.  So does the Community Health Division.  And Business Development.  We can create a "dream team" to organize data-driven recommendations for smart decision making at the executive level.

The goal is to make Providence a beacon of innovation at the forefront of health care reform, shaping the landscape, instead of just responding to it.  It makes sense for the Foundation to be the linchpin here-- the uniting force, the formal convener.


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