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Decide, Commit, Succeed!

 - July 4th 2015 -

Hello Lauren, hello classmates! :)

Thanks for the class and the nice tips, Lauren. :o)

So, here's my project: since I'm always good at planning projects, starting them and then, for some reason, leaving them unfinished, I thought it may be a good idea to letter this either on the wall in front of my desk, as good reminder :D, or on a small blackboard. 

I was thinking of three options: 


The key to success is commitment, so I wanted to emphasize the word "commit".

Option 1. I like it but I must confess I am terrible with flourishes, I love them but I never know how to properly integrate them in the composition so I usually end up avoiding them and adding some lines or sparkles instead. Help!!! :D

Option 2 looks more balanced but I am not really putting emphasis on anything there. 

Option 3. In all I think I'd go with this one varying styles. I am planning on adding a block shadow to the word "commit" only. I was wondering: I know there's one light source only but would it look weird if the script words didn't have the same shadow?

Well thanks in advance everyone!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


- July 6th 2015 -

I tried to rework on the 3rd option and came out with this:


When working big I'll space the lines much better, as well as the letters.

I might come up with some other embelishments while working on the piece.

Feedback is welcome! ;)

- July 9th 2015 - 

Today I grabbed my small blackboard and tried to draw the guidelines. I added a symmetrical line in the middle since my lettering is on straight lines and centered.


Once I did this, i proceeded with the lettering which, like I doubted, was too much for this small blackboard, or perhaps I had to sharpen the chalk. In any case I found it quite difficult to erase the guidelines.

Anyway, this is my first try so far: 


I obviously still have some problems with the word spacing, lettering and properly managing the space I have at my disposal in general. 

I will continue practicing and might reproduce the lettering on an actual wall in the following days. 

In the meantime, feedback is always welcome! ;)

- July 11 th 2015 - 

So, I decided to letter the whole on the wall so I am currently paiting the wall, I still need to add the second coat! :D 

I'm so excited to make a large board on the bedroom and practice practice practice! 


See you in the next couple of days! ;)

- July 13th 2015 - 

Here is my wall with the guidelines to follow ( and some paint stains on the bottom XD)


- July 14th 2015 - 

Here is my main lettering - just letters and a little decoration on Commit.


And here is my final, my first chalkboard lettering! :D

Sorry, Lauren, when drawing my initial flourishes I realized I didn't like them at all so the ones you suggested didn't fit anymore. However, I tried these ones filling the same areas you suggested. 


I had to stop erasing and redrawing at some point... it was never going to be "perfect" since I always found something to adjust. Let alone letter spacing, especially the capital "D" e lowercase "e", and capital "S" and lowercase "u". But hey, practice will do! :D

And so it is, challenge completed!

Thanks everyone for passing by and commenting! Thanks Lauren for the cool class! It came at the right time, it gave me the push to do something I've been loving for quite a while now. So, I decided, committed and somehow succeeded doing my first chalkboard lettering! ;) 



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