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[December/CHANNEL CHALLENGE] Like Saving Money? Getting Cash Back? Me too!

I haven't updated this in a while, and thought it was about time!

I just released another class, prompted by the season and all of the holiday shopping. Using the methods I outline in this course, I have saved over $1500 on my Christmas shopping, AND am getting a couple hundred BACK in February.

Sounds pretty good, huh? And I'm not done shopping, so will continue to use these methods for the rest of my purchases. 

Best thing about it? You can use these to save money AND get money back on your regular shopping - from groceries to big buys like computers and TVs - ALL YEAR LONG!

Check it out here: 


I hope all of your holiday celebrations have been happy thus far, and hope to see you all soon!


Here is just ONE example of this in action:


Learn how here!


Hi everyone!

The second class in the "Covert Marketing Series" is all about the different ways you can use Quora to drive traffic to your courses, sites, and more!


If you aren't a premium member yet, I did make some free enrollment spots. But, if you enroll this way, please consider doing the easy project as a little 'thanks'. You may get some Quora followers from it, so it will help you, too!


Also, I have started a Facebook group dedicated to anyone considering teaching others, on this platform or any others. I started it while researching for one of the series' courses about how to use Facebook groups to drive traffic (that one is coming soon - so be sure to follow me and enroll in the other courses in the series so you don't miss it!). I noticed there are tens of thousands of people asking for legitimate work from home opportunities, and when they do, they get bombarded with scams. I want to change that. If you are interested in becoming a part of this community to help support one another, you may join here:

Teach What You Love! Join the Facebook Group:



I actually published this on the 1st, but forgot to update this project - whoops! Anyhoo...

  • Are you struggling to get traffic and students to your courses or other projects online?
  • Does it seem that everyone else knows "THE SECRET" to succeeding that you don't?
  • Do you feel like an excellent opportunity is passing you by?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Covert Marketing Techniques series is for you!

See what others are saying:

      - "I took the course last night, reviewed it and already received some interesting Intelligence in my inbox this morning!" - Jason Tremer (on Facebook)

  - "I've been using alerts for a long time but never like this. Fantastic idea Mel!" -  Steve Dougherty

  - "A useful traffic tip. Thanks Mel. :-) " - Neil & Linda Shearing

I ran a successful SEO business for a few years, and one day while panicking over whether I would get students or not, I realized that the same principles I used to get people found in Google could be applied to my courses.

You could say I had a bit of a "light bulb" moment - I can be a bit slow sometimes!

Every course in this series will give you ONE small thing you can do that can reap BIG rewards. The courses in the series will be short, sweet, and to the point.

They will end with an actionable project that will start getting your courses noticed more IMMEDIATELY.

If that sounds good to you - You can enroll in Premium here:

If you aren't a premium member, you should be! LOL - but, I do have some free spots, too. Just do me a favor and do a project if you sign up with this link - it will help you by taking action, and it will let me know the free links are appreciated! Honor system link:

Thanks, and here's to a successful October! (>‿◠)


Well, not quite where I was planning on being in September, but my 3rd class is finally published. Still waiting on my microphone (hopefully today!) - and all kinds of computer issues have stalled some things and slowed them down - but fighting through it lol

Late last night I FINALLY got my 3rd class published. It's not on recipes like my first 2,'s something that has helped me tremendously in various ventures, and I thought you guys might like these sites as well.

In this course you will learn 7 sites where you can download endless images from, to use in your personal & commercial projects, online & off - FOR FREE! These aren't the same sites found on lists everywhere that only have a couple hundred sub-par images, either. Between these 7 you will find MILLIONS of high quality/high resolution, artistic images by professionals who know how to convey beauty through the eye of their lens!



YAY! Weird Recipes:  Pepsi Chicken is finally PUBLISHED!!!!

If you are looking for something crazy sounding and crazy good to cook this weekend that won't break the budget and will have your home smelling AH-mazing - check it out!!!


Free - (only 23 left!)



EPIC Potato Salad (1st Course - And what's cooking next)

UPDATE #4/5 - WOO-HOO! 78 students and only 22 to go to hit 100 - REALLY trying to hit that mark within the first 7 days, so if you haven't enrolled you mind checking it out for me?

I have a lot of great classes coming up that you may be interested in, like:

  • Pepsi Chicken - NOW PUBLISHED!
  • Cooking on a Budget: Feed 2 People, 3 Meals/Day, for 7 Days - For $50!!
  • Master the Mix: HEALTHY Homemade Baking Mix + 50 Recipes
  • And a LOT of "Cheap Meals for 2: Amazing Dinners for 2 Under $5" (Things like Chicken Parmesan w/ Side Salad, Salisbury Steak w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans, Blackened Pork Loin over Black Beans & Rice, & MUCH MORE - check out the teaser photos below!)

So if you want to make sure you don't miss anything, enroll today:


If you are a premium member, please click above. Otherwise, the class is open to 25 FREE enrollments. When they're gone, they're gone:


I look forward to seeing you all and can't wait to check out what you are teaching as well!

Blackened Pork Over Black Beans & Rice:


Chicken Salad Wraps:


Chicken Parmesan w/ Side Salad


Pepsi Chicken 


...And much more to come!

If these make ya hungry, be sure to follow me so you don't miss the fun!


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