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Decatur Craft Beer Festival

I decided to do a label version of a logo for a local craft beer festival. I'm finding a lot of inspiration in vintage beer labels as well as hand-rendered / fitted type into containing shapes. I'd love this label to become a blend of the 2 looks. Here is my mood board:

Answers to consideration questions:

1. Kind of product and aesthetic - 1-day festival for 20 - 40 somethings with displosable income, mainly urban, often with a foodie slant. Aesthetic should be well-designed enough to justify the high price point and feel fun, unique, upbeat and have a bit of whimsy

2. Applications that will be used to affix the label - it will appear in web branding, on t-shirts, and on pint glasses

3. Important words that need to stand out - Decatur Craft Beer Festival 2013

Other beer festivals that i think branded decently (although I don't love any of them, honestly, aside from Iowa....):

And past logos for this festival for reference (a different designer creates it each year):

SKETCHES (Update 5/23):

Would love to get some feedback on which of these to move forward with. I think I'm most drawn to 4 (not sure if the state of Georgian needs the handle...), 8, and 9.

DIGITIZING (Update 5/30):

Still working on inking and digitizing some of the others, but here's 3 of them! No colors yet, just black and white. Thanks for the feedback!

(For #3, thinking about changing the counter of the "A" in "Decatur" to be a drip from the bottle above...)

FINAL (Update 6/4):

I ran out of time to work on other options, but I'm pretty happy with the final colorized version:


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