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Death to The Stock Photo

It started with a landing page. (check out the site here 

Our project serves as a call to action for authenticity in creative work. We want to serve as a funnel for those looking to push creative boundaries and create work that matters to people. Our service supplies designers, developers, freelancers, bloggers, and our community with imagery for any of their creative needs. Essentially we act as a supplement and a supply. Our brand hopes to be just like coffee at the beginning of a creatives work day.

What's been most fun is this amazing back and forth that happens between ourselves and our commnity when we post our images and then get to watch what people create with them. 

I'm looking forward to diving deeper into our brand story through this class, and hope to be of help to other projects through feedback. Nothing makes me happier than connecting and creating with people across the world.

I'm always available for anyone looking to bounce ideas off of here: @davidsherry36 or by email - [email protected] 

-David @Deathtostock 


If anyone needs some photos for what they are working on during this class, here's a set you can use however you want:

People behind the project (Allie and David)

a. Their emotion. Suprise and delight. Transparencty for trust.

b. Action  Instead of search it’s recieve. Instead of create a project and then find a photo, get a photo and then start a project.

c. Awareness/Alert. Word of mouth and by being with the right people, in the right circles, around the right brands.

d. Share. give them a story through every email. Surprise them with what we can come up with.


1. Positioning

Your brain is crowded.

We fill the niche for designers and bloggers who have a taste for authentic imagery

We’re positioned against the others in the space via our distribution strategy and our bran. We’re top right of the XY axis competition is mostly bottom left

2. Placement

Because we’ve generated large demand by email, our placement is currently in their inbox, a crowded space yes, but possibly preferable because we’re allowed to reach out vs. wait.

3. Promotion

Due to branding, we’ve given an easy message, or a rallying call for our consumers to spread, and has been much of our awareness so far.

4. Permission

We have permission to show up in their inboxes twice a month, we have been generous with our value over the past 6 months, and make sure that the only time we take advantage of the permission we are providing value. I believe there are those who would miss us if we were gone.

5. Public relations

We aim to tell stories with every product we ship, in every email. Our goal is to create video and visual content for our users to be a part of. An example is creating live events that match our digital product. Teaming up and collaborting with as many brands as we can adding value to as many interactions as we can.

6. Persistence

Frequency + Consistency.

Showing up over time builds trust. Every month, twice a month we show up for our subscribers.

A persistent, frequent approach to the market makes us believe you and trust you. We aim to not be annoying by only sending an email when we feel we have large value to provide, to  use new and unique stories, and improve our product steadily over time.

We want to be like Apple in that we pick our message NOW instead of bounce around. 

What do we want to stand for? Authenticity. That's what they're buying.

Who are the weird that we cater to? What is their worldview? How do we WOW them?

Find an imagerinary or real person, what's their persona? How will HE or she see this website or story?

Design - Create design that's worth it in the long term. Design it for 400 people to grow to 100,000

Customer Service- We're based on trust, transparency and humanity. <--part of how we're not a commodity. Unique photos as well.

How to close the sale:  


So we're working on something (kind of secret) and I'd be curious to get your thoughts. Here's the email that will lead into our next project which is a big road trip to gather the most authentic images and connect with creatives across the US.

Good brand move? Worth backing? Not appealing? Any feedback would be great!



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